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ILO Board Meeting: Special Topics

Please join us for ILO meeting Friday, March 11. 2016 at 10 AM at St Joseph Conference Center, 480 S Batavia, Orange

First item on the agenda (after taking roll) will be to decide whether or not to support the Ethics Measure on the June 7, 2016 ballot.

Here is the measure

Here is the impartial analysis

Here is the argument in favor

Note that Supervisor Michelle Steel did not sign the argument in favor because she is worried about the cost, see attached article from Register.

Also attached is our Concurrence Statement on Ethics Commission, without which we could not take a position on the ballot measure.

The supervisors are also talking about putting another measure on the June ballot, see article from Voice of OC. We may not have the language for that proposed measure in time for our meeting on March 11. I also don't know if we can take a position on that measure. Stay tuned.

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